Paper maps can be collected from Folkestone Quarterhouse, or email us at seagooseberries@gmail.com

You can also visit us at the Clearing (upstairs at the Quarterhouse) on Saturday 19th, Tuesday 22nd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October between 12 & 2pm. Feel free to drop by and ask us about the project, get help searching for gooseberries or using the website, or make suggestions about how to make it better.


Alison Neighbour is an artist and designer working in installation, theatre, and site responsive adventures. Alison conceived Beacons and is lead artist on the project, she created the visual world, the gooseberries and the maps. She lives in Folkestone.

Emily Peasgood is a composer and sound artist based in Ramsgate. Her work Halfway to Heaven was part of Folkestone Triennial 2017. Emily is creating the sound of the gooseberries and working with Alison to develop a ceremony to send them back to the sea.

Lukus Robbins is a producer and artist based in Bristol. He is taking care of the team and making sure everything is in place to make Beacons happen.

Ruby Bolton is an engagement producer from Folkestone. Ruby is getting people involved and helping to locate the gooseberry hiding places.

Ellie Foreman is a full stack developer and creative technologist based in Bristol, she did the design and front-end development for this website

Tarim creates magical tech and websites, and is based at Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol. He does all the behind the scenes technical work that helps the gooseberries work their magic.