Now is the time of the seagooseberries: they come and go with the tides, bringing messages from the past and questions for the future.

They have something they want to ask you... perhaps you will be able to help?

Look out for their questions in the landscape around Folkestone and tell us what you find! You won't find them on the map, you'll just have to keep your eyes open!

Maybe you have been lucky enough to find a postcard from a seagooseberry in a library book or at the market... they are waiting for your response!

The seagooseberries are building a web of wisdom about our ecosystem and they may include your responses in a magical community treasure hunt when they next appear. You can see some artefacts of their last adventure if you take a journey through this website...

Curious about all this? Want to be the first to know when the seagooseberries return? Join our mailing list by contacting and we'll be sure to pass the message on.

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