The Story of the
Sea Gooseberries

Sea Gooseberries are our magical ancient ancestors.

They cross the oceans with messages from the past and songs for the future.

Each year they arrive hoping we will recognise their magic and hear their songs.

In the old times we held joyful Gathering ceremonies to celebrate their arrival.

Everyone would come together and celebrate their connections to each other and the natural world. We would enjoy fire and feasting.

Now everyone has forgotten the Sea Gooseberries.

The balance between us and the rest of the eco-system is upset.

The magic is fading and soon will be lost altogether.

Sea GooseberrySea GooseberrySea Gooseberry

We Oracles believe there is still a chance to restore order and celebrate once more.

The last surviving two hundred Sea Gooseberries have returned.

Weak and separated by the winter storms, they drift on the wind, lost and alone.

They leave songs and messages of wisdom in secret hiding places.

They are not strong enough to connect with each other any more, but their magic only works if they are together.

We need you to rescue them - join the Quest to find their messages and piece together their song fragments.

Register any you find so they know you care.

Perhaps you will even shelter a Sea Gooseberry in your home until the Gathering.

On 19th December we will bring the Sea Gooseberries back together on the beach, to share in our collective energy and re-ignite their magic. The balance will be restored by your presence.